oh gawd! #blogjune

How do I get myself talked into these things…it’s June so therefore a bunch of us are blogging every day…again.

You’d think I’d have learnt my lesson last time.

With that said, I did rather throw myself into it last time. Went a bit…mad. As always I suspect filmfest will save me from descending too far into the pit of desperation in the hunt for something to say.

I’m in a bit of an odd spot at the moment. As many folk know I work for a library vendor – yesterday was my 7th anniversary; longest fulltime job ever. I still enjoy my work though there’s things about libraryside I miss. To that end, I applied for a position at a library a while back. I was interviewed 2.5 weeks ago and I continue to wait for news. I am starting to suspect I have missed out. It was an interesting job, working with folk I like and it’s the first time I’ve applied for a position outside the company. I did apply for a position with our London office a few years ago but finished second. I missed out on it and still went on to do other, interesting things. While it can be a disappointing time, I tend to view these sorts of things as journey markers: do I go this way or do I go that way? Either way, the journey continues and the path is different because a decision has been made.

5 thoughts on “oh gawd! #blogjune

  1. Well well. Best of luck sir! I am not even sure if we have met in real life? We must sort that out with a drink at some point.

  2. Thank ye good sir. I’m fairly sure we haven’t met, nor have I met @seanfish for that matter. Though I have met @stitchsarah and she sings my praises…oddly. Meeting over drinks is always a nice thing.

  3. Job applications can be so weird. Looking forward to seeing your posts. You were at the VALA tweetup dinner I went to but I don’t think we got to chat at that stage :)

  4. Hope you hear, either way, soon!
    I like your last sentence: “Either way, the journey continues and the path is different because a decision has been made.” So true!

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