upping the ante

Last year, blogging every day of June was something of a challenge for everyone; by the midpoint everyone was descending into meme blogging in search for that much needed content. I scraped through primarily I suspect, because I was able to blog about Sydney filmfest. In the end I managed to blog every day and had a couple of extras – though it was touch and go at times.

This year I’m blogging in two places every day: there’s daily posts here on my actual blog, plus due to another case of being unable to say “no”, I’m photoblogging too, every day of the year. I usually end up adding summaries to the photos, occasionally a word, sometimes a paragraph or two. What has been particularly challenging about photoblogging is that the one rule is to take a photo of yourself each day. I’ve never been especially fond of taking photos of people, and even less fond of taking photos of me. Yet, I persevere. I am utterly sick of the sight of my face every day and the challenge for me has been to try and mix it up somewhat.

One of the things I’ve become aware of, in part due to the photo challenge, is that I spend most of my time in front of the computer in my study. I work from home fulltime and don’t go out very often; most of my old gang are having kids at the moment so going out for cocktails once or twice a week is less viable :-) That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The only time I really get out during the week is to get my daily coffee, from the roaster in the next block or so. I need to get out more and do some more walking, if only to discover new backgrounds for my photos :-)

4 thoughts on “upping the ante

  1. I’m up for weekly cocktails. The problem is you work from home and finding time is difficult.

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