Two good films tonight: one in english, one in spanish; of six films seen so far: 4 english, 1 spanish, 1 greek. First film of the evening was The Future, by American director Miranda July. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this film and as I don’t recall getting into her debut feature – I think at the time I felt that it was too Sundance-y in the sense that it seemed made for a Sundance film audience. This new feature really worked for me and I may need to re-watch her earlier movie, Me and You and Everyone We Know. It was about a couple at a critical moment in their relationship and it plays with the passage of time as it explores the anxious fear and I s’pose their desire, unsatisfying though it may be, to be rescued from a sense of responsibility. It was delicately done and played off well a parallel between real and imaginary.

The second flick was a South American film, Even the Rain(También la Lluvia) directed by Bollaín and set in Bolivia and was in one sense about the making of a film of the rebellion against the Spanish conquest in 1512, and in another it was about current tensions of the local Indian population and their rebellion against the government relating to access to water. Strong parallels were drawn between the two battles as well as a sense conveyed of the cost of compromise, and of making decisions. At some points, the film being made interweaved with the story being out by the locals. A solid piece of work, that I found engaging.

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