18 movies seen of which I think 9 were in English, 8 movies to go. Really looking forward to having a good meal once fest is over, been getting by on sandwiches and snacks here and there. Will be nice to grab a pizza, or just have a regular meal at home, perhaps open a bottle of red too.

First movie of the evening was from Egypt, Cairo 678 directed by Mohamed Diab. The story focussed around sexual harrassment and a few women who decide to defend themselves. It’s as much about the culture as it is the specifics where rape complaints are discouraged and even the retaliations are given a blind eye, as none of the men lodge complaints about being attacked…afterall that would be acknowledging their own crime. Told with some humour, though at the same time it does not refrain from painting a disturbing picture. It was a good film, though it tried a bit too hard to resolve all the threads.

This was followed by a new film from China’s Chen Kaige, called Zhao shi gu er (Sacrifice). This was a big sort of picture about a powerful general who tries to wipe out an entire family. Unfortunately one baby survives through the sacrifice of a doctor’s wife and own child. The doctor then raises the child with the general as godfather. Interesting retelling of an old chinese story of revenge and education. It didn’t blow me away but it was a pleasant watch.

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