oh dear

Alas filmfest finished with a whimper, not a bang, though the search for a bang was the subject of the second movie. The last two movies of the subscription programme were both duds :-/

First off was Meek’s Cutoff, from the US and directed by Kelly Reichardt. This was a western: deconstructed postmodernist perhaps though more a matter of trying to be politically and historically correct. As a period piece of a few settler wagons travelling through unknown lands in the early days of the US, it was I s’pose, an interesting study. A moment of excitement when they captured a native with whom they tried to engage…and mostly failed. They were lost and needed water. That was about as exciting as it got. They wandered along each dusty day and there was little more than that.

Second movie of the afternoon, Gianni e le Donne, was from Italy, directed and written by, and starring,  Gianni di Gregorio. A self indulgent wank. It did have a nice pacing and I liked the sense of a young 50s retiree, making sense of where he’s at and what he’s doing; he was affectionately portrayed. Though at the same time, it was mostly about his hunt for a bit of action and his predilection for buxom women. There was no nudity but definitely a lot of shots of the camera lingering on the breasts of various women. There was some nice interaction, and developing friendship between him and his daughter’s boyfriend. The good bits were let down by such a thin plot that was rather unsatisfying.

1 thought on “oh dear

  1. Tautology spotters everywhere want to know if there are other kinds of wanks than the self-indulgent.

    I guess the ones my friend recently did to test his vasectomy were science-based and purposeful.

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