a filmfest recap

Filmfest is over for another year and I’m enjoying the freedom of my evenings once again: wine has been opened and meals have been cooked. Relaxation. Not an amazing year for the subscription programme, though if you bought a flexipass and chose your own selection, you probably would have had a better time. It’s somewhat telling that none of the top 5 films were in the evening subscription programme; this list is based on the 2/3 mark but I haven’t been able to find a more recent version. Also of note, is that of the 26 films in the evening programme, 14 were in english and there were at least 3 duds (2 english, 1 italian). There wasn’t much daring or obscurity, no real walk on the wild side for the subscription programming. I have occasionally wondered if the subscription series is more aimed at some demographic of which I am not a part, though it must be said, the folk around me aren’t a part of whatever that demographic is either. What we saw was mostly safe, closer to the conservative arthouse of old. I like films that takes chances, that pushes the boundaries, and if it ultimately fails, that’s ok…if it succeeds however, it can be wow. I saw little of that alas.

With all that said, we did at least get to see all of the “official” competition films and the winner of that, Jodaeiye Nader Az Simin (A Separation) was one of my favourites of the fest. I s’pose my top bunch for the fest, in no particular order, derived by scanning back through the programme include:


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