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I’m still trying to make sense of the job I have, nevermind the job I want. The latter I have no idea. As some know, I was in the throes of gearing up to move to NZ; Wellington specifically ’cause I love it so. Also because the kiwis keep doing cool stuff like EPIC, like DigitalNZ, and that was a sandpit I wanted to play in. I even had approval from my previous employer to move to NZ and keep doing what I do. Of course, I was also keen to somehow tap in to the special sauce that seems to be driving so much kiwi innovation…perhaps throw my own hat into the pool.

Anyway…that didn’t happen. Another cool job popped up and I’m now at the State Library of NSW. With the potential to do some of the stuff I wanted to do in NZ. One of my strengths is running with other people’s ideas. Idea creation itself is hard and I can do it occasionally but I don’t think it’s my strength in the big picture. Within the big picture however all is good, I just need to work out the big picture first…or rather which big picture suits me.

One idea that is fermenting and was initially inspired by a tweet, and follows the line of why can’t I do what I wanted to do in NZ, but in NSW instead? How about I aim for developing fun stuff here…afterall I’ve lived here all my life…and spent most of my life trying to escape.

There was another tweet that challenged me: where is the Te Ara for Oz? Instead of viewing NZ as the place to go, how about we view NZ as the first step? What can we do to follow in their path and even better where else can we take it?

1 thought on “doing fun stuff

  1. Very true. Stuff the band wagon, take the idea and initially copy it then improve. Leverage those skills of running with someone else’s stuff.

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