tablets part 2

text editing

text editing

Popped into an electrical store today and was able to play with a couple of tablets: the Sony Tablet S and the ASUS Transformer. There was a Motorola Xoom there as well but it wasn’t charged. I also had a feel of the ASUS slider which is a tablet with a keyboard that slides out from underneath…felt a bit too heavy for my liking though it seemed nifty enough. Alas, text editing on the Transformer was disappointing in tablet mode. It was totally fine via the external keyboard that it plugged into, there were even arrow keys for moving around with the text. I couldn’t work out how to enable the virtual keyboard on the tablet side though (was still connected to external keyboard at time). I’m generally fine with virtual keyboards themselves. The Sony tablet had a text editing experience that matched my experience with the Samsung Galaxy phone ie it was pretty good with a virtual tab (as per image) that you can drag through the word to get to the spot you want. Whereas the ASUS allowed you to highlight words or phrases but there seemed to be no easy way of getting to a particular spot other than pressing hopefully on the right letter. This is a bit odd as they’re all running Android. So at this stage, the Sony is the preferred option. Curiously, the version in the shop didn’t have Polaris Office installed but that’s ok, it should be available via the Android marketplace. I’m not in a hurry so I can wait a bit and see what the Galaxy tablet is like if it manages to get a local release.

2 thoughts on “tablets part 2

  1. Unless I am missing something, I also find the text editing in Android pretty woeful. Have an Acer Iconia A500 that is running a ASUS Rom – found editing a challenge on the stock Acer and the ASUS setup. Also purchased a Motorola Xoom for my father-in-law. Pretty much the same experience. There are a number of different tablet keyboard apps that might be the go. Thumbs keyboard seems popular. Will give it a go and let you know if it improves the experience. If you come across one you want me to try let me know – I can also let you have a test drive

  2. Hi Bazza, I have found text editing variable depending on which Android device I’m using. Some allow the default Android behaviour and others try and invent their own. I like the editing on my Samsung phone, which is similar to the Sony tablet. Yeah, we should meet up sometime and compare toys and it would be nice to have a drive of the Xoom. Ta.

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