uh oh

Filmfest starts tomorrow!

Over the weekend, I was offered a free ticket to a cruise on the harbour for Vivid on Thursday night…including food! Then someone else mentioned something about filmfest and I thought nyah, it’s fine…first film in subscription programme will be on Saturday. Then I checked the programme and realised that no, first film for me was Thursday night. Opening night film is actually tonight but that’s a separate ticket and I’ve never been to an opening night.So I had to knock back the Vivid cruise alas.

Come to think of it, this filmfest is my 20th filmfest, and that’s also 20 years in a row. I find that a little scary.

Over the years I have sacrificed many things to attend filmfest including a work trip to the US. 3 years ago, it was a close call as to whether I’d be able to bid on the flat I now live in, as the auction was first night of fest. That was one of, if not only, times that I have sacrificed filmfest – consequently, and happily, I got the flat I wanted; I had to, to justify the sacrifice :-) well that and the fact that I’d spent over a year looking for a place and I couldn’t bear another inspection. 3 years on and no regrets. I love my flat…I love my home. I love my space.

This year, for a change, I’ve been trying to read the programme and looking at what additional tickets I can buy. I will have to buy at least one movie, The Warped Forest, as it screens with a short entitled: “SNAILS!“. With that said, Warped Forest sounds appealing and is the sort of film I go to film festivals to see – I want to see a film that intrigues me, and pushes me out of my comfort zone. I want to see if it lives up to the programme quote:

A strong candidate for the weirdest movie of this or any other year

For the first time in several years, I’ll be able to walk to the fest from the office. Less than a year ago, I returned to the State Library of NSW after 7 years working on vendor side for Gale. I spent the previous year or two working from home, and prior from Artarmon. For both locations, I would then head into the city post work. I’m looking forward to avoiding the post work rush into town for a film.

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