another change

Been an odd few weeks. As I mentioned a while back, I have a new job. Today was the last day in old job, and I start the new job on Tuesday. Whilst I’m looking forward to the new position, it’s also sad as I’m leaving a job I was 10 months into. I’d found my feet and had settled well, getting on fine with the boss and team.

I s’pose a difference between the two positions is that the old was something of a leap, though a leap I was handling. Whereas the new job follows on from my previous positions, particularly working on the vendor side, not to mention my consortia experience before that. The new position is responsible for managing relationships and subscriptions with vendors of online resources including of course, the company I used to work for. Needless to say I will, and should, be under greater scrutiny. With that said, I do have industry-wide respect and everyone in SLNSW is keen to support me in the position. So too, I’m curious what I can do with it, and where I can take it; it’s an area that will continue to expand.

This afternoon, I packed my belongings and moved my stuff upstairs to my new desk. They’ve already moved the computer to a more sociable position: previously it faced the end wall with back to the entire floor. Now it faces everyone else and I can interact with people passing by. This is also important as my partial deafness means that I often miss conversation behind me. One of the side effects of learning to use hearing aids is that they mess with your perception of distance and direction – that might be a post for another day. In addition, they’ve thankfully installed a widescreen monitor. I’ve been using such for several years now and I would struggle to return to one of the old square ones. The extra width is nice meaning I can have several windows visible, and so many columns on spreadsheets :-)

Hmmm…I keep getting distracted from writing film reviews this year. For the record, I’ve seen 4 films at filmfest so far including a lovely film from Rachel Perkins called Mabo, about the life of the man behind the historic case.

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