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I gotta say, my blog reading has died off lots in recent years, nevermind my own blogging. So far for #blogjune I have barely looked at other posts in other spots. Hopefully once filmfest is over I’ll pickup on the June posts at least. I have a few hundred blogs in my reader (currently using bloglines – though they’ve just stuffed up my reading history again) but of those, I’m only paying attention to a few on any sort of regular basis:

There’s a few others as well, other friends, and some tech sites. I should make it clear that these are blogs I look at when I pop into my reader. I’m still reading lots of blog articles as folk tweet them and reference them.

I think the issue is more a case of being reluctant to fire up a reader rather than necessarily reading a lot less blogs. It may also relate to the fact that I no longer have a single computer where I would have a desktop reader installed. I find the web based readers a little clunky for my taste. Computer-wise I still feel a little dislocated, I’ve not quite found a home to settle in yet. After 7 years with a laptop that went everywhere with me, I now have:

  • a desktop computer at home
  • a desktop computer at work
  • a smartphone
  • a tablet

It seems not so much an issue of sharing information across devices so much as establishing some sort of cohesive tech home that encompasses all the spots I am. Currently, the way I do things on the computer at home is different to the way I do things  on the computer at work, and again the phone etc. Obviously, I’m not a mobile/remote worker anymore and that’s an adjustment I continue to make. There aren’t any easy solutions here other than to say that my needs are somewhat different to what they were a year ago.

This post started out as an echo to Kate’s recent post, but as always I seem to have gone for a wander.

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