a day at the office

Day 1 of new job starts with finding a chair :-) Once that was sorted I could settle in. One of the hassles of changing jobs, especially for a tinkerer like me, is setting up the computer just so. Over the years I’ve developed a preference for certain tools and mode of operating. I like a widescreen monitor and I like programs to run in smaller windows scattered across the screen. I like a nice background image that peeks out here and there.

Unfortunately, being back in the public service, I’m at the mercy of the SOE (thankfully it’s not the MCP) otherwise known as the Standard Operating Environment. The SLNSW version isn’t too bad as they go, though for the most part I’m unable to install additional software. I can request additional software and ask IT to install it, which proved to be straightforward when setting up my trackball. With that said, it’s probably worthwhile to return to basics as this job will have different needs to other positions. This time round I’m not running a helpdesk and suspect I’m going to be spending more time in spreadsheets instead.

The amount of tech I have at work seems to be ever increasing too. I’ve still got my old netbook (9″ Asus Eee 901)…though it usually stays in the drawer now. My new addition, the Asus Transformer Prime, has taken the place entirely of the netbook. At work, I mostly use it like a netbook with the docked keyboard, primarily for notetaking. Whereas at home I usually use it in tablet mode. I suspect at some point, I’ll start leaving the keyboard dock at the office and just carry around the tablet in my satchel. Said satchel also contains my ereader :-) Finally, there’s the Samsung Galaxy S2 which is with me everywhere, though I’ve managed not to get it out during a movie at filmfest…unlike a few rude folk.

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