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Just had a brief glance at another blog or two, and saw I conversation I wouldn’t mind joining. But I’m tired and I want to go to bed. Daytime is busy with the new job and night time with filmfest. For some reason, I’ve not been in the mood to blog film reviews this year, though that would certainly help, as it has in previous years, get through #blogjune. In fact, with new job and films, I’m not even keeping up with tweets at the moment; all my social engagement at the moment is in the flesh – wherever I happen to be.

At this point I’m 2 days into new job and roughly two thirds of the way through filmfest. Both are going well. I don’t know how much of the new job will be bloggable, particularly as I’ll be dealing with contracts and agreements and such. With that said, I’ve never really blogged a great deal about my workplace. As for filmfest, I’ve seen 17 films so far, over 7 days, with 4 days remaining and 8 films. The last two are actually a two-parter. As the first subscription film on Saturday isn’t til after 6pm, I will try and get a couple of tickets to earlier films depending on availability. Though, it must be said, a long sleep in would be lovely too.

Unusually, I skipped the last film on Monday night in a rare moment of responsibility. It was due around midnight ie after the last bus (as had been the case the previous night) and the new job started in the morning. I just wasn’t up to a late finish on a work night. Plus it was a two and a half hour documentary about Bob Marley. I wouldn’t mind seeing it but figure it’s fairly likely to get a regular release and sure enough, according to the IMDb, it starts its screening run next week. Hopefully, I’ll catch it later; certainly the early night was rather nice.

I feel quite optimistic about this year’s festival, whereas last year I was rather negative. I don’t think I’ve seen a complete dud yet though one or two came close. There have some highlights and I’m really glad I skipped my subscription ticket to “On the Road” (US) so I could see “Goodbye” (Iran) with friends. The comments I heard later was that On the Road was ok but nothing to rave about. Whereas Goodbye was good, better than I expected. I’d initially been concerned that it might be a little dull but it turned out to be a strong piece and one of the best films I’ve seen so far. Others I liked include “Lore” from the director of Somersault and set in Germany just after the end of WW2. A french movie, “Polisse” last night, “Barbara” tonight, “Moonrise Kingdom” was fun.

I’m finding it hard to stop now and actually want to write some reviews and dig down to why I like the films. Will see how I go, perhaps I might squeeze in a film review or two afterall. The last couple of days I haven’t really been in the mood to write but it’s flowing rather well at the moment. Oh well, I’ve said enough :-)

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