a day for chilling

It’s wet. Again. I don’t mind as I’ve mostly been indoors with filmfest so I’ve not been affected greatly but it would be nice to see some sun. Today is the second last day of filmfest and I only have two movies to see starting around 6pm tonight, with the final two (a two parter) tomorrow afternoon. I had to get up early as there was potential for the annual visit from the smoke detector inspector. Alas there was no sign…or I didn’t hear the knock.

It’s been an exhausting week, combining filmfest and first week in a new job. The job in question is in a busy time itself as the end of financial year is important, though it wasn’t in the previous one. It’s a busy job and I’m busy learning the ropes. With that said, whilst I’m still getting the hang of the basics (how do I get an order number, who do I give invoices to…etc) I already have a sense of ownership. It’s a pivotal role in dealing with the provision and access of information online. There’s basic stuff and there’s thinking stuff and future thinking stuff as I explore how to bring my own perspective to the role and push it forward.

Today, I can’t be bothered thinking. Due to the weather, I’m having a very pleasant afternoon chilling at home. I’ve been up the road for brekky and got a table inside for a change. Outside would have been fine as there’s no wind today and no physical chill. The downside of my current cafe is that inside can be a bit dark to read the papers. The only other plan today was to get a new pair of sneakers, for which I was going to drive out to Homebush to the direct sales outlets. Thankfully, a local shoe shop had the brand I like, and in my size though not as big a range as the outlet store. Plus they were on special. I was able to get new sneakers and avoid a drive and carparks on a wet Saturday arvo.

Instead, I am sitting at home, sipping on a cider and reading various articles online eg

  • Here be bogans – a discussion from an outsider’s perspective of Sydney’s segmentation
  • Storm Publishing – this is a comic site belonging to some of my oldest friends, and promotes the comics they create. Friends for whom I am alas, long overdue to visit. I grew up with them.
  • Biblioburbia – exploring Sydney’s libraries (via ALIA Sydney’s blog)

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