a rug

I’m looking for a rug. My living room currently has an old, grey rug my sister found, possibly in an alley, that we later used as a decorative piece to help sell our old house. I’ve got it on the floor in my living room; it was supposed to have been temporary. I’ve been in my flat nearly 3 years now and it’s time I moved beyond temporary and gave some serious thought to how I’d like it laid out, what sort of look I’d like. I’m probably not going to move the bookcases as I love the feel of the wall of books in that spot.

lounge room

My lounge suite is slowly dying, split leather that probably wasn’t supposed to last – got about 7 years out of it so not too bad. That’s probably not a decision to make for a while. Last time I went for brown to match the bookcases and ended up with a room full of it. Next time, I’d like a bit of colour. An interesting couch perhaps and an interesting chair or two. Next on my list however is a new bed as I’ve had the current one about a decade and the mattress definitely needs replacing, and I’d like a new frame, probably a queen size instead of the double. The current frame dates back to my black phase, when everything I wore and owned had to be black. I rarely wear black at all these days.

Finally, I’d like a really nice rug. Something lush, something that my bare feet would enjoy standing on. The current rug is around 1.5ish metres by 3ish metres. and that’s not a bad size at all. It’s an ugly, grey thing, that was handy when I first moved in, useful when I needed to polish all my bookcases, and fantastic on the occasions when my ceiling has leaked…and leaked. The cause of the leak has been addressed; having had a week of rain in Sydney, I have had no leaks. It’s time to start thinking about a rug once again.

In rugs, I think I’d like something loud, or at least have its own sense of character. I don’t want something that simply blends in, nor anything particularly traditional. I am picky. I’ve been infrequently looking for a year or two and will probably keep looking for another year or two. That’s ok. I’ve found some interesting sites online eg Tsar, though I suspect they may be too expensive for me.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of my desire to have interesting backgrounds on my computer screen, particularly with a steampunkish bent. Now I’m wondering whether it’s possible to get one of those backgrounds, one of those digital images, crafted as a rug. A nice rug. My current favourite background is a rather subtle piece of steampunk, though it may be a darker hue than I want in a carpet. So I’m now looking around for a place locally, that is able to produce rugs based on digital images. No luck so far, but I shall keep hunting.

2 thoughts on “a rug

  1. that puter background’s fitting, given we are living with winter at the moment; its a little subdued and chilly in spots, yet its not exactly cold, and there is light present too, just like a standard sydney winter
    actually, its kinda persian in look. .

  2. Yeah, there is a sense of the persian to it which means the steampunk aspect has a subtlety that appeals. Though I can’t help thinking, that once again it’s too dark for a room so full of light.

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