7 for 7

A meme that’s going round…actually it was going round during #blogjune in 2011 and I wrote most of it then. My postings in June were suddenly curtailed due to a rather climactic event, and it was interesting to re-read that post in light of my recent job change, less than 12 months later. I still have some further thinking to do on that. Anyway, I had a few posts in draft from then that I thought I’d return to including the 7 things meme:

Seven Things that Scare Me

  • death by drowning
  • snakes
  • making phonecalls
  • going blind
  • debt
  • confrontation
  • ignorance

Seven Things I Like

  • chocolate
  • books/reading
  • wine
  • travelling
  • watching movies
  • a good hamburger
  • science fiction

Seven Random Facts About Me

  • I built a virtual library for a private uni that met the approval of the NSW Govt
  • I was a professional student – spent 12 or so years at uni
  • I used to be adept at using a pallet jack
  • I used to have a mohawk (I used to have hair too)
  • I own several waistcoats including one that was made for in Portobello Rd
  • I collect snails (ornaments not live ones)
  • I have over 70 Biggles’ books…but not the whole set alas

Seven Things I want to Do Before I Die

  • visit Antarctica
  • walk the Pennine Way
  • learn how to make pavlova the way my mother made it
  • See the Northern Lights
  • drink more wine :-)
  • read more books
  • live in Wellington, NZ

Seven Things I Can Do Well

  • enjoy life
  • take the piss
  • push myself
  • travel
  • chill out
  • make a fool of myself :-)
  • smile

Seven Things I Can’t Do But Wish I could

  • be assertive
  • lead
  • manage lots of things at the same time
  • spend a year or three backpacking around the world
  • lose weight :-)
  • master calendars
  • housework :)

Seven Phrases I’m Known To Use

  • bugger
  • ciao
  • eep!
  • oopsydaisy
  • howdy
  • “with that said…”
  • albeit

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