I wrote up a splendid summary of filmfest on Sat…but was using a wordpress tab that had been open a few days…I thought it was saving ok but it died when I tried to publish – lost the entire post. Not been in the mood to blog since….#firstworldproblems as they say on twitter. Right now, I’m two weeks into new job and a job where end of financial year matters. It feels a little like I have to learn the entire job in two weeks…with that said, it is going well and I have a lot of background knowledge to bring in to play. I just had a day of liaising with vendors, discussing price points and getting a discount or two. Got all the hard stuff done.

Tomorrow I seem to be presenting again…just a 5 minute talk on the fascinating topic of OAI and API…probably to a not so technical audience of librarians. There’s currently a good chance that my 2 co-speakers won’t make it. If that proves to be the case, I have a backup topic where I can talk about Trove lists and DigitalNZ sets…and lo, some bright spark has created a digitalnz fan tumblr. I even put together a quick set on snails. Actually, I think I’m having more fun with my backup topic :-)

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