steampunk girls sipping wine

I have a bit of a thing for steampunk, and I have the odd picture here and there…well ok, sometimes not strictly steampunkish but I sort of like a mesh of old world technologies and the modern age…or is it the reverse…the old world and modern technologies? It tends to be my default choice for computer backgrounds, and phone configurations. I’m not sure why but I’ve always been fond of the odd and dissonant…stuff that doesn’t quite fit together; time out of sorts.

I even own a fob watch.fob watch

I used to have a fondness for waistcoats and have a wardrobe of several. I stopped wearing them several years ago but feel the time is ripe to delve once again. With all that said, the title of this rambling, meaningless post, is something of a mystery. I had a look at my stats and it seems folk have used those words to reach my blog. I can’t decide if this is a plus or a minus…though I think at the very least I’m a little chuffed. Admittedly, I have failed to reach my blog using those terms and it remains a curiosity as to how others did.

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