I sorta ran out of puff on #blogjune. I still had plenty of ideas to blog about but mostly I was tired; new job+filmfest has been a little exhausting. I’m hoping to squeeze in a holiday this year, having missed a decent break last year – though my week or so off in Perth & Margaret River did help. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that work will let me take a few weeks off so I can visit Borneo with a mate later in the year.

It’s rather worrisome, that in the middle of the National Year of Reading, I am struggling to read. I’ve managed but a few books this year, both e and p. Perhaps this year, I should focus more on easy reading and SF. I just bought the e of the ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of the new Bujold and lo and behold, I’m straight into it. Yet other reading has lagged. Perhaps I’m attempting too many “literary” novels at the moment…I’m even midway through a book of a conversation with Umberto Eco on the future of the book. Haven’t touched it a week, but Bujold…oh yeah. Sookie…oh yeah.

It’s been nearly a month since the passing of Ray Bradbury. I still haven’t re-read “Dark They Were and Golden Eyed” though I have at least leafed through it; browsing the occasional paragraph. For that casual examination, I already suspect there’s more to the story than I remembered. That’s unsurprising for a work of Bradbury’s: his work warrants re-readings…re-visitings. Some of his stories I have read several times but I suspect I’ve only read “Dark they were…” the once…and it remains ever stuck in my head. It was the first of his, the first story that really sucked me in I s’pose. Captured me. I’ve just read a blog of Gaiman’s on Bradbury and it contained a certain resonance that I could connect with, and connect my sense of Bradbury.

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