f is for furniture

…and flat-packs.

A couple of months ago, I helped a friend move house and there was an almost array of items to deconstruct and reconstruct…not to mention additional items bought for new place. I seemed to spend forever stuck in a sort of Ikea-laden purgatory. At the same time, I was getting new stuff for me, including a new bed…moving from a double to a queen. Finally a new, decent mattress too – been two months and the mattress is still awesome.

bookcaseHowever the bigger bed has presented one or two challenges in my room arrangement. On one side is a bookcase and side table and the gap on the other side is rather narrow. I had initially planned to have the bed against that wall but it proved too awkward to change the sheets. Was ok with the double, less so with the queen. the width is roughly equivalent to the depth of a shallow bookcase, about 240mm. I failed last weekend as I didn’t have measurements with me when I went to Ikea and bought a small billy bookcase…which wasn’t small enough.

Yesterday, I was wandering through Kmart and found a bookcase that is 235mm deep. I am just about to put it together…though dreading the construction. It does at least look more straightforward than an Ikea version. It’s just 16 screws with no odd twists. Fingers crossed.

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