shelf by shelf 1 #blogjune

I remain undecided as to whether to join in on #blogjune, giving up my filmfest subscription is certainly going to make things harder. I have ideas for posts and ideas for plans of posts.

I spend less and less time in my own place these days and when I do I find myself perusing my bookcases, and dwelling on old memories. So I thought I’d blog a shelf at a time and see what thoughts are triggered.

Or perhaps this is just a digital rephrasing of Ozymandias “…look upon my books ye mighty and despair…”.

book shelfThis is the top, left shelf of my biggest bookcases, in my main room. A starting point as good as any, particularly as this section has my children’s books. While I have weeded some of my kids books, I have still kept a few shelves worth. I recall visiting my grandparents in Dundas and walking up the road, across the railway tracks (literally, as it was a minor line), and into the local newsagent. There I discovered Trixie Belden, even better they were only 95 cents each! This made it easy to persuade parents to buy. I was shocked later when they rose to $1.25…and worse toward the end, they hit the outrageous sum of $1.95.

Yes, I’m old :)

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