shelf by shelf 3

And on we go. I’m looking forward to reaching the lower shelves as taking photos of the upper shelves has been unexpectedly tricky requiring a little furniture rearrangement. The shelves so far appear tidy but as we approach arm reach, clutter will increase.

book shelf of computing books and aviationThis shelf is a mixed bag of history and interests. Some useful, some not so much. I was already comfortable with BASIC (I still have the acronym memorised: Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) by the time I got to uni and in first year I was studying computer engineering which I mostly hated except for Fortran (FORmula TRANslation or TRANsformation). That was the first serious language I learnt or perhaps the first language I learnt to program seriously in. Different languages have different strengths and I recall that fortran was strong for maths, and was particularly good for manipulating matrices. I transferred to a BA the year after and was much happier with greater flexibility in subject choices. Consequently I was able to study computer science alongside psychology and philosophy. Happy days.

I’m trying very hard not to segue into the shelf below :-)

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