There was a recent discussion on twitter regarding apps people have paid for. The basic idea was to use the hashtag #pay4pro and list the apps. I listed a couple and realise there’s probably quite a few things I pay for now:

  • flickr – I think this was the first thing on the internet I paid for…and I continue to subscribe
  • app.net – a few twitter friends were joining up and they offered a cheap rate so I thought I’d give it a go and at least guarantee I had “snail”. I haven’t used it for over a year and accidentally renewed a few months ago. Oops.
  • GO Launcher – software for customising my android phone. Have also paid for associated apps including GoSMS, GoLocker and probably a couple of others. Not to mention various theme sets :-)
  • Tripview – app to track public transport info in Sydney
  • Pocket Weather – weather app that uses data from the Oz Bereau of Meteorology
  • Swift Key – fabulous swipey keyboard for my phone
  • Plume – favourite app for twitter on my tablet
  • Rainlendar – best solution that I’ve found for sharing calendars across multiple devices and OSs
  • Link Bubble – this has become essential for me – sort of like tabbed browsing across multiple applications
  • Camera ICS – camera app that works well and also has a way of turning off the annoying shutter click that the default camera app has
  • Calculator Plus – nice, cheap calculator app
  • Aqua Mail – solid email app that manages resources well

That’s not a bad list at all of useful stuff to begin with. I’m fairly sure there’s other things, not to mention a bunch of games.

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