shelf by shelf 9 – a bit of blyton

Another day, another shelf. I have several reviews for the remainder of filmfest but they can wait for another day. Biggles & Blyton – sort of works. A chunk more Biggles’ books, including some tatty first editions and old, old cheapy, massmarket hardcovers; the sort of hardcovers that used to sell in supermarkets.

When I was a wee lad, like many kids, I wasn’t particularly good at brushing my teeth. Cosnequently I needed a lot of visits to the dentist for fillings. My dentist at the time, and still my dentist today, had rooms upstairs in Burwood and one overlooked a bookshop. As a reward for sitting through each filling (I was horrible with needles), mum would buy me a book, sometimes two. In this manner, I managed to get most of the 21 books in “The Famous Five” series by Enid Blyton. I have probably read the entire series several times since and have been tempted for a while to revisit them.

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