where was i in 2005

On the radio the other day, they were asking the question “what were you doing in 2005”. I suspect there was a sportsball connection but was still intrigued by the question. Normally I’m not much good at answering such questions, never really had the memory for it. Oddly, I do remember mum dragging me out of bed in the early 80s to watch Australia win the America’s Cup for the first time.

2005 was an insane year for me, not only that I had to delve into the old, handcoded version of my blog to look for specific posts. This in turn reminded me of the days when not only did I manage to blog every month, I usually blogged at least once a week. 2005 started badly with the unexpected death of my father. My mum came close to death for a while there too and spent several months in hospital including a couple of bouts of back surgery.

I think I summed up the year best, with a post I made late on Christmas night. I’m tempted to repost the content here but think it remains best in situ so to speak. So much bad stuff so much good stuff…I presented my first paper in the big auditorium for VALA 2006, which I think was also one of the first papers on social media in libraries in the country – though it was mostly just an introduction to what was going on elsewhere in the world. At the end of 2006, we successfully hosted the New Librarians’ Symposium, the committee of which I’d joined a few days after dad died.

Since 2005, I have done so many things, been to so many places and met so many people. 2005 was something of a watershed for me.

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