a little tidying

Haven’t done much coding in the last month which is problematic as I should do stuff every week in order to avoid skill rustiness, not to mention learning new stuff. A few weeks prior to christmas, there was a lightning storm and the house got hit by a power surge which killed off the PS3, PS4, 55″ TV, DVD player, and router. All the fun stuff. I did have basic surge protection via cheap powerboards but it clearly wasn’t effective. I hadn’t managed to transfer my house insurance to the new house so we weren’t technically covered. However NRMA (with whom I have contents insurance) informed me that they have a 60 day grace period when moving house and were happy to backdate it to cover the lost equipment though I needed to get quotes.

This proved tricky for the playstations and at times frustrating. Thanks to instructions online, I was able to remove the game discs from each of the dead consoles. I have managed to find someone who can repair the PS3 and I’ll follow up with them in the next few weeks. The PS4 proved harder and after a frustrating hunt, it turns out that the EB Games store I bought it from were happy to exchange it for a new machine as it was covered under their own 12 month policy. The TV will cost about $300 to fix and the electrician is waiting for a part to arrive. The router only needed a new power cable which cost all of $5. The DVD player was over a decade old so I’m not going to worry about claiming that and we’ve instead bought a PVR that can handle DVD/Bluray.

However the main pain point with the dead consoles has been the loss of the save files including 300 hours of Skyrim on the PS3. I remain hopeful that the PS3 can be fixed and may just need a new power supply. It is possible to backup the save files to an external hard drive but not easily from a dead machine. I suspect it would be more efficient to get an annual subscription to Playstation Plus ($70/yr) and backup the save files to my account on the playstation network automatically.

I have since bought heavy duty surge protection powerboards from Belkin and have all the gear running off them now. These boards include guarantees to replace all connected equipment if they fail. I have finally set up my mac and QNAP NAS in the new home too. I’ve also done full backups of my mac pro and windows laptop. That’s the first time I’ve been able to backup the laptop in over 12 months so I’m feeling rather relieved. The NAS is set up as RAID 5 which means that one of the four discs (each disc can hold 3 terabytes) can fail without affecting the backup. I will eventually back up the backup to 2 external drives, one of which will be kept elsewhere in the house and the other at work. I will probably refresh these on a monthly basis.

While the laptop has become my primary day to day device and my email archive, I suspect I’ll continue to use the mac pro for managing my photos and playing with code. It’s an older machine dating back to 2006 and doesn’t support the last couple of OS releases from apple. However, it still has a lot of grunt and I daresay will remain a viable machine for years to come. In addition to backups, the NAS holds most of my photos as well as my itunes library. However I need to do some more work on configuring it to suit the family rather than just me :-) Eventually, I want everyone to be able to use it as a home server with varying degrees of access.

2 thoughts on “a little tidying

  1. It all ended well. Managed to get the PS3 fixed a couple of months ago and the 300 hours of Skyrim save files are intact…except that now I can’t find my original Skyrim to play it. I suspect it’s lost in a box somewhere. Haven’t been successful in backing up the NAS as there was an issue with it talking to the portable drive I bought. Will work that out eventually.

    Plus I need to get a cable so I can set up the Atari 2600 on the big TV :-)

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