filmfest on a flexi…or two

Having finally given up my subscription to filmfest a couple of years ago, I’ve been adjusting to life on a flexipass. I miss my old festival buddies but liking the flexi experience that requires me to think about what films to watch again. We bought a 20 film flexi-pass a couple of months ago but only got round to going through the programme and selecting flicks last weekend.

Timewise we’re somewhat restricted and trying to see films when the kids are with their dad. That has still meant we’ve managed to book 14 films so far with a couple of spare tix (we bought an additional 10 film flexipass). So we went through the programme and only looked at films that suited our availability. Of those films we still managed to get what we wanted though admittedly we did cut it fine on a few as they were close to selling out. We actually had to choose between films we wanted due to timetable clashes.

Here’s what we have so far:

Doesn’t look too bad a list at all and across several venues. No longer just the State Theatre.

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