reading bits

I had an idea of spending a week or two or three of blogging rants except I can’t remember anything else I was going to rant about. Instead here’s what I am reading at the moment…and it’s not blogs. Well ok, I’m currently ruminating on Mr Shaddow’s post on the role of electronic services in libraries and think that’s worth a wider conversation. In recent months I’ve been focusing on reading…actual books, no wait, actual novels in electronic form. Not physical books. I decided I should revisit Raymond E. Feist and read his entire oeuvre. Some have been fun to revisit, and there’s a few I missed as well.

When I do get round to reading my feeds it’s mostly tech and gaming and these are the things I’m reading, if not regularly, but at least dipping into from time to time:

One site I used to enjoy until it disappeared was Download Squad. It was good for finding out about new software and updates without getting too heavy. I haven’t really found a substitute for that.

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