festing away

For me, Sydney filmfest started today though opening night film was earlier in the week. Saw two films, The Shore Break and The Postman’s White Nights, neither at the State Theatre. I have started filmfest in a place other than I usually start. On the way to the first film in Circular Quay, I passed one of the people I used to sit with. She screamed out “I miss you!” as she dashed past and I screamed “I miss you too” :-)

We had a couple of hours between films so we caught a ferry to Mosman and back. 45 minutes cruising the harbour in the late afternoon sun for free on our opal cards. I could not have done that in my old subscriber days. There wasn’t that sort of time available between films and the State Theatre was just a bit too far from the Quay. We still had an hour to kill when we returned so had white wine and oysters on the promenade. Felt rather grand on a gorgeous winter’s day in Sydney. Even got to watch the sun set over the Harbour Bridge :-)

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