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I rather enjoyed Mr Shaddow’s toast review recently, both it and the associated chat on the twitters. I also like taking the piss out of my initial “is blogging a thing” post. Admittedly, I like taking the piss out of most things; I am amused and curious and happy with all the conversations that have happened this last week. But particularly I am liking toast and #toastjune though I have another post brewing on defining blogging, or the need to define.

Right now however, I have a need to talk about toast.

I do not ascribe to Mr Shaddow’s preference for wholemeal; I am a white-bread man. Much to the disappointment of some, perhaps many, who know me. No grains here. Even worse, I love the very commercial tiptop sandwich bread. I used to demolish half a loaf each day after school, usually plain though I would go through margarine phases – to be consumed upside down with the margarine side on the tongue. I can still happily devour many such slices.

However, toast. I liked Mr Shaddow’s description such

…the inside light and fluffy. Coupled with the perfect crunch of the outer toasted layer…

and thought yes, that describes how I like toast. When I just have toast that is. Toast alone and unadorned is a sublime pleasure. I do not usually apply condiments and such, though occasionally I may spread butter so long as the butter is soft and spreadable; not hard. It goes without saying, though I have said it often, that vegemite is the sacrament of satan.

However, when I break fast while out, I take a different approach. These days, I like turkish bread, lightly buttered, with poached eggs resting atop. I used to have sourdough but these days turkish is my preference. Sides I prefer either sausage or chorizo, sometimes one, sometimes the other. However cafes will do one, but rarely both. There was one cafe that did neither and I moved on quickly. My local cafe does very nice mushrooms so I now add them to my order whenever I visit.

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