sort of now

Borrowing a meme from Con and Kate, though it’s more in a general now-ish rather than an immediate, “right now” sort of thing.

  • I’m reading – working my way through the complete works of Feist. Also some Capt America comics.
  • I’m watching – aside from filmfest, at the insistence of Ms14 we have watched the first 2 phases of Marvel movies (10 movies) in order, so we could then watch Age of Ultron (which we saw just prior to filmfest).
  • I’m cooking – this is mostly a fail though I do good mash and I do excellent rice in a rice cooker.
  • I’m drinking – I drink occasionally these days and not every day. I have recently taken a liking to Malmsey, a sweet dessert wine.
  • I’m thinking – about happiness. Workwise I have made it through a restructure, and home is a happy place too.
  • I’m taking – time to stop and appreciate where I’m at, and what I have.
  • I’m missing – decent cold weather, or at least a decent Sydney winter :-)
  • I’m enjoying – life and family
  • I’m planning – a family holiday to New Zealand later in the year
  • I’m listening – I don’t listen to much music these days. I like it loud which is ok when you’re living alone but not so great when there are other people around.

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