filmfest done

A week and a half later, filmfest is over. I failed to be healthy but didn’t get too sick, though had nasty sneezing/sniffles/watery eyes for much of last week. 15 films that were mostly good; the Greenaway was disappointing, the Maddin was good but could have been a little tighter. “Foodies” was ok though didn’t really explore food blogging “culture” to any great depth. “People, Places, Things” was rather enjoyable and better than expected.

I loved Palio, and Sherpa. Mother was fabulous (this version was remastered in black&white though the original had been in colour) and I enjoyed Love & Mercy and Mr Holmes. Seymour and The Red Light Bandit were good.

I managed to chat to most of the folk I used to sit with, and chatted to some random strangers here and there. I am having to adjust, alas, to the glow of mobile phones as people regularly used then to check the time during movies, and in a few cases message people.

Though I saw less films than I used to with my subscription I enjoyed having to read the programme and choosing what I saw. I enjoyed the negotiation of making selections and working out what could fit and what couldn’t. I felt more engaged with the festival and saw films in several venues. Dashing between the Event cinema in George St and Dendy Quays was a little challenging particularly as it also involved navigating the crowds in town for Vivid. Still fun.

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