onion identities

I’m a few days behind and feeling sleepy so I’ll let a meme do the talking for me.

Layer One – Outside

  1. What’s your preferred name? snail (with a lowercase “s”), though fine that some people prefer to call me Sean
  2. Do you wear glasses? Yes. Since first class. I have a stigmatism in one eye and the glasses are to keep my eyes balanced. I’m long-sighted in one eye and sort of short-sighted in the other. I can get by without my glasses altogether.
  3. How would you describe your fashion style? somewhat casual. I mostly wear jeans and sneakers. I prefer tshirts though am picky. For work I have a nice selection of shirts I wear with an open collar. I like variety and colour.

Layer Two – Inside

  1. What do you fear? Dying in a slow and horrible way eg drowning or burning.
  2. What is your guilty pleasure? dodgy scifi movies and soppy romance flicks. I also have a weakness for bland, poppy top 40 music.

Layer Three – Thoughts

  1. What was your first thought when you woke up today? Where’s the snooze button on the alarm. Stayed up too late reading last night, and thought a little sleep in was in order.
  2. What you think about most? Deep and meaningful…oh look, shiny thing :-) I think I think about just everything except what I need to think about.

Layer Four – Better?

  1. To be loved or respected? I’ll take both thanks.
  2. Dogs or cats? Neither. Like both, had cats at home for most of the first half of my life but I’m not good at looking after animals so I don’t have any.

Layer Five – Belief

  1. Believe in yourself? Some of the time. I also have occasional anxiety about my ability to get things done and no doubt have the occasional bout of imposter syndrome. Yet I know I can get stuff done and can do good stuff.
  2. Believe in love? Yeah, even when it hurts.

Layer Six – Talents

  1. Do you play a musical instrument? Nope. Also, I suck at singing. I have been accused of being tone deaf. There may be some truth to that accusation.
  2. Do you enjoy cooking? Not particularly and it needs to work according to instructions. I can fudge some but find it hard to tell when meat is cooked for example. With that said, I make excellent, restaurant quality mash.
  3. Are you any good at gardening? I’ve heard of gardens but generally refuse to acknowledge that it is a thing connected with me.

Layer Seven – Favourites

  1. Favourite animal? Duck, particularly in a slow cooked confit…when the meat is so tender that it can be spooned off the bone. Goes well with a good pinot noir. Very fond of lamb too and kangaroo is probably my third favourite – rich and tender, cooked right it melts on the tongue.
  2. Favourite movie? So many possibilities including Love Actually, The Great Escape, Blade Runner, The Sound of Music, Four Weddings and a Funeral and there’s likely a bunch of others.
  3. Favourite book? Horrible question, even worse than movies. I refuse to answer.

Layer Eight – Age

  1. How old are you? 46 – rapidly approaching 50. Fun times behind, fun times ahead.
  2. Does age matter? Meh. Irrelevant. Though I think it’s easier to say “irrelevant” now rather than 20 years ago. It may matter again in another 20 years.

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