I’ve been dipping into my old blog of late, sort of revisiting older versions of me, and wondering how I managed to update so often. Looking for ideas and I don’t think I blog like that anymore. I used to maintain a list of film ratings of stuff I saw and I could give that another go. The old version was limited to what I saw at the cinema but I’m seeing a lot less these days.

In the old days, I was on the committee for Unimovies at Wollongong Uni and went to the french film festival, the Sydney Film Festival and occasionally the german and spanish film festivals. All that, and not much of a life, meant I saw a lot of films. These days I seem to have more of a life and getting out to flicks a lot less. So I thought I’d set up a page to keep track of what I’m seeing. I’ll keep the basic score out of 5 stars but will include things I see at home as that tends to be where I watch stuff these days. I may even throw in the occasional comment but looking to do proper film reviews at the moment.

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