a little bucket

Looking at my last attempt at creating a bucket list, I can see that I’ve still done none of the stuff listed, yet I have done other stuff. I remain and continue to be happy. With that said, I have recently checked off something of a bucket item. It’s long been a regret that though I’ve travelled well outside Oz, I hadn’t managed to travel the breadth of Oz itself.

There’s a bunch of things within Oz that I want to do, in addition to the things outside of Oz:

  • dri5278792544_e01d22eaff_nve Sydney to Perth , across the Nullarbor. I’ve driven across Oz short ways, Darwin to Adelaide, but haven’t done the horizontal crossing yet
  • visit all states and territories
  • visit Anvers in Tasmania – makers of my favourite fudge
  • visit the Daintree
  • visit the Kimberleys
  • I still want to see the Franklin River and I’d still like to canoe down it
  • bushwalking in Tasmania

Of those, I can finally tick off number 2. With my recent Tasmanian trip I have finally been to all Oz states and territories. Not to mention all capitals. Ultimately, as with all checkboxes, it’s a thing to brag about but doesn’t really have a meaning of itself. Rather, it functions as a reminder of how much more there is to do and see. I’ve been to NZ many times and still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I have now “been” to Tasmania but hope I have many trips ahead. As always, there remains many, many things that I want to do and places to go.

2 thoughts on “a little bucket

  1. Yes there are huge parts of Australia I have yet to explore….I haven’t really been further north that Brisbane and never ever to the NT. Which is not good…but I will get there!

  2. I’ve managed to make it to NT 3 times including 2 visits to Darwin, one of which was a work trip. I had friends that moved to Townsville so we visited occasionally as a child.

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