keeping up

14393830833_95240a8076_nOne thing I’m finding with this iteration (this is the 7th) of #blogjune is that it’s easier to write posts the more I do. This occurred in the first iteration too and I managed 34 posts that year. 3 days ago I accidentally upped my personal ante and blogged twice and have blogged twice a day for the last 3 days, and it’s been relatively easy. Weirdly easy. I had another post ready for #2ndpost today but will leave it till tomorrow so that I can post this one.

This is getting wronger every day. I did have a plan to comment at least once on blogs of other participants each day. That hasn’t been so successful and dropped back to liking posts after a few days.I think I am still managing to read a few blogs every day whereas in 2010 I tried to keep up with all the blog posts. With that said, filmfest does make keeping up with anything hard. I think I’ve seen around 20 films over the last 7 days, a bit full on but only 3 days to go.

1 thought on “keeping up

  1. I must confess in the (not really) madness of making sure I blog, I am not commenting on many posts :(

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