sff 2016 day 9

One film tonight, followed by dinner and a bit of Vivid. Alas utter train chaos trying to get home from Circular Quay so it ended up being a late night again. Tonight’s film was a doco written and directed by an Oz bloke set in Rio de Janeiro’s largest slum, In the Shadow of the Hill. It revolved a family who had lost a family member who had been taken away by the BOPE (or military police) on suspicion of drug trafficking and had never returned. The family believed he had been tortured and killed by the cops but they were denying everything. Set largely in the slums of Rocinha, with lots of encounters with daily life and the people trying to live and create communities. The police are spending a lot of time in the area in the large numbers “keeping the peace” and there are fears that once the world’s attention moves away after the 2016 Olympics and 2014 World Cup that they will be forgotten about. This was an excellent doco, atimes grim and intense, at others full of joy and in all cases much heart.

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