filmfest 2016 round-up

Filmfest is over for another year, this year I managed 27 films over 11 days, my partner 28 and Ms15 a massive 15 in her first festival. I think that’s about 10 less than when I had a sub but it feels just as exhausting, not to mention running between venues. Trying to escape the Dendy Quays to see anything else at night involves a horribly crowded passage through the Vivid crowds and I would seriously consider avoiding the venue in future years. We started with one 30 film flexipass, then bought a second, then a 10 movie flexipass to finish off. Once again it was fun going though the programme in advance, not to mention having to choose between films either due to overlaps or sellouts. On one of the saturdays I had 5 competing films to choose from! No regrets.

All up of the 27 films, there were a couple of duds, the occasional surprise and plenty of good cinema. Here’s a rough list of the ones I enjoyed, in order of screening:


Not a bad list of interesting things.

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