My car rego is due for renewal in a few weeks. I got a bit of a shock when the renewal cost turned out to be around $150 or so higher than anticipated. I bought my little pug new in 2001, a black Peugeot 206 and I remain very fond of it. The duco on the roof has all but gone, it has a few dents, the aircon doesn’t work but engine-wise it’s still excellent and is fun to drive. It’s the first car and only car I ever bought new.

I ran a few comparisons through the green slip calculator and sure enough there’s a steady increase in price the older the car gets. The actual figure is about $80 comparing the same model of a 2001 car ($683) with a 2006 car ($603) according to the current system. I went back and checked what I paid last year and indeed, it was only $544 ie there seems to be a new approach this year and my rego has jumped $140 compared to 2015.

I am currently mulling over whether to carry on and renew my current vehicle or look seriously at purchasing something a little more recent. I have long lusted after a red turbo charged fiat Abarth but have a sneaking suspicion that it might be a little too much of a hoon machine for me these days. Alternatively, spending a lot less and buying a secondhand car not dissimilar to my own is not unattractive. In fact I’ve come across a 2007 peugeot 207 which is in significantly better condition than my 206, has working aircon and is red. On the other hand (is this my third or fourth hand), I drive my own car a lot less than I used to as my partner also has a car. Having grown up in Sydney’s west, the idea of not having my own car sits awkwardly in my head. So much baggage :-)

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