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Riffing off Kate’s post around staying organised, I’m a little less organised but still have a need to have some structures in place. I posted a few years back about my calendar efforts and re-reading that post I can say that it continues to work well enough for me.  I’ve got my work calendar feeding into my rainlendar setup so I usually check the night before if I have any morning meetings. I did need to update the calendar on my phone as my old phone calendar stopped supporting transparent overlays so I’m now using a paid version of Business Calendar 2.

I used to be a big fan of evernote and was willing to pay but didn’t like their subscription options, particularly as I only used it occasionally. Further I found the interface a little overwhelming for my needs. Mostly I was using it for sharing text and the occasional PDF across my devices. On the text side I’ve recently installed Simplenote and that’s been fab so far. The interface is basic and the data exchange quick. It’s easy to set up, make notes and sync across my various devices. I’m still using evernote to store PDFs occasionally but that’s primarily when I travel and I could probably move those to dropbox and get rid of evernote altogether.

In 2014, I put together a list of all the apps I’d paid for at the time. Looking back, I finally managed to cancel my sub to which I haven’t touched since. As I commented a few weeks ago, I have started paying for wordpress and I’m still paying for flickr. I moved to feedly from google reader and have been fine with the free version. I wouldn’t mind paying for it as I use it as part of my regular reading but less keen about paying US$65/year for it. I’m somewhat stuck between wanting to pay  a one off price but recognising that it does need continuing support. The free version is sufficient and I don’t need to upgrade but would like a friendlier charge to enable me to give something back.

I have a paid subscription to the digital version of the Sydney Morning Herald via its android app. Unfortunately the android app is occasionally buggy, seems to be poorly supported and doesn’t have all the features that the apple version of the app has. It’s frustrating to use ie you can read the current day’s paper, once it update’s with the next day’s paper you lose access to the news content of the previous day. Whereas the apple version lets you view digital versions of the previous 7 days I think…though that’s PDF format, based on the image of the printed version. Come to think of it, I complained about all this stuff in 2014 and nothing has changed since.

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