a mixed bag

Oh, did #blogjune finish? Oops, no posts since my summary; failing again :) If you’re going to fail at least fail consistently. I picked up the car on Saturday and so far so good. A few minor things need fixing eg the main key fob is held together with sticky tape and I have to physically turn the key in the door lock to open the car (#firstworldproblem). The lever to open the bottom has snapped off though it still works…just. These are minor things and to be expected when buying a secondhand car. I’m going to book it into an official Peugeot service centre so they can look at it properly and see if there’s anything outstanding. Later services can be done at my local garage.

And I voted. The voting queues were substantial and at my local booth there were multiple queues as it was a cusp booth between electorates and the boundaries had changed confusing lots. I take a long time to vote as I fill every square below the line however this time the queue to vote took longer than actual voting. That’s a first for me. I got out just in time to get the very last sausage sandwich; using the crust as they’d run out of bread slices.

The election coverage on the AB-friggin’-C was pretty fab and Antony Green was most excellent, as was Annabel Crabbe and Leigh Sales. I love watching unresolved cliffhangers and haven’t enjoyed the election coverage this much in years. As to the ultimate results I am somewhat torn. I’d be happy enough with a Turnbull win if we could get back the old Turnbull and get rid of some of the hardnosed right wingers. While I am impressed with how much Shorten and the ALP have turned themselves around in the last 12 months, I don’t know if they’re there yet. Plus I hold a soft spot for Albanese and would rather he was running things.

Yet, the reality is that politically I sit to the left of the major parties, and particularly abhor their policies on refugees. I’ve long had a sense, real or imagined, that a significant chunk of the old left wing of the Labor party has moved to the Greens, meaning the more conservative elements of Labor exert even more power within the party unfortunately. I’ve tended to vote for smaller parties and independents, I used to be fond of the Democrats before they imploded and these days lean towards the Greens myself. It must be said that I’m not quite the leftie my dad was though I treasure his membership card for the Communist Party of Australia.

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