still no net

Been about two weeks since our home internet died; not even a dial tone. The lack of dial tone indicates the issue is either the socket or external. Took a couple of days to get through to TPG support who in turn contacted Telstra to send out a technician. The deadline of 4th April came and went. Turns out there’s issues at the moment logging requests for Telstra technicians. TPG have assigned a specific person to manage our issues. Fingers crossed.

On the other hand, this is a first world problem. I have good internet at work and on my phone. The house network itself is fine so we can still connect to the NAS and wifi to the printer. I have been very reliant on my telstra network for mobile however. 4 days ago, I exceeded my data and was charged $10 for an additional gig. This is less scary than I anticipated as I’d built up in my head all sorts of scary scenarios for “exceeding my limit”. On the other hand, around lunchtime today, on the final day of my monthly data period, I exceeded the additional gig and had another gig added for another $10.

This means I have half a day to use a gig of mobile data. I am sitting at home hotspotting my mobile to the mac mini and to the win laptop. I am computering as much as I normally would with unlimited broadband. Care factor: 0. I have booked accommodation in last as we’re tramping the Kepler track next week…we did at least book the huts a few weeks ago.

In other news, I really love this image and comment from Mark Di Stefano misappropriated of Turnbull inspecting flooded areas. The photo itself was taken by Dan Himbrechts.

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