prepping for filmfest

Preparing for filmfest has become a rather fun activity and while I miss having a set subscription (and regular seat) I’m really enjoying the thrill of going through the programme and making decisions on what I want to see and what I can see. We sat down a couple of weeks ago and went through the printed version of the filmfest programme and marked everything we wanted to see. Then we used that info to mark up the festival calendar to work out where the clashes were and what had sold out. Further winnowing followed along with various conversations around which films to prioritise and which could be skipped. On more than one occasion, clashes could involve a few films at the same time…I think there was one day in particular where there were as many as 6 or 7 films we wanted to see, being shown at overlapping times.

I’m seeing some films alone and some with my partner and some with my partner and her daughter. Altogether I’m seeing a total of 28 films spread across several cinemas and I think we’ve managed to avoid the issue of having to rush from Dendy Quays to any of the others as that proved challenging last year in the Vivid crowds.

27490556100_0be800e202_nHere is the list that I am planning to see:

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