sff 2017 day 3

Friday night, post a long day at work, I managed a single film. Met up with the family for dinner after their first movie, we got the train down to Circular Quay for Czech flick, The Teacher, directed by Jan Hřebejk. I haven’t seen anything from Hřebejk in many years having loved his films, Cozy Dens (SFF 2001) and Divided We Fall (SFF 2001). The story of a manipulative teacher, getting parents to do her favours in return for special treatment for their kids, and poor treatment for the kids of the parents who don’t comply. While seeming light, the film touched on serious issues without getting bogged down and swapped back and forth between children and parents, past and present, as the story unwound. Hřebejk’s deft direction allowed the story to flow, managing to be light while not shying away from a broader commentary on society and community.

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