brekky in a cafe


Seems odd being able to say that: brekky in a cafe. At a table. Lockdown eased a little a couple of weeks ago which meant the idea of sitting in a cafe become possible once more. On the first weekend after the announcement, my usual cafe continued to maintain takeaway only. I wasn’t able to make it last weekend as we visited my partner’s mum for the first time since start of lockdown. Was so nice to be able to visit another person.

This weekend my cafe had dine-in as an option, with 5 tables set up for diners. I was quite happy to continue with brekky in the car as I take a long time over brekky and didn’t think it would be fair for me to take up a table in the current climate. However only table was full and I thought buggerit, why not. It was fine, as 3 tables were empty most of the time, with a third occupied as I was finishing up. Meanwhile there was a regular stream of takeaways. Good to see the cafe continuing to survive.

I sat. I smiled. I ordered. I relaxed with a coffee and the paper. I ordered an extravagant brekky of dukkah eggs and chorizo. I enjoyed the space, the paper, the food, the people. Read a lovely article about all the wonderful food in Bankstown that made me salivate. I will go one day but not quite ready for casual shopping yet.

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