as behind as always

Time passes both faster and slower. Last week, I could have sworn it was week 11 of lockdown but perhaps I miscounted. Counted again today and this week 11. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next week is week 12. I’d like to think that’s not too optimistic.

I went into the physical library today which I think is my first time since the start of lockdown. I needed to look at the history of a renewal in a physical file to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Happily, my email archive covered what was in the print so all was well. There was a special deal for parking in The Domain so I booked in for a 2 hour time slot. Ended getting in later than I wanted to, then spent 20 odd minutes driving around in the carpark, looking for a spare spot to park my car. Was successful eventually but only had an hour left to do what I needed. Next time, I might try public transport afterall as it seems less stressful with less reliance on time limits :-)


It was nice to say hi to the few folk that were there. Even tidied up my desk a little. A small miracle.

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