there is no catchup

Yesterday’s blog title was supposed to be about today’s content but then I went off on a tangent. Perhaps I should try again. I was thinking that I never seem to catchup on all the books I mean to read, tasks I assign myself, movies and TV to watch. All the things, none of things.

I still haven’t got round to watching my box set of The Avengers. I am reading a bit more. I am behind on Masterchef and filmfest is about to start. If I get behind on masterchef, I made a conscious decision not to catch up and simply accept that I missed some shows. I remember having an increasingly large collection of VHS tapes, back in the day, of shows taped that I meant to watch. I recall we were able to buy blank tapes fairly cheaply which simply meant that more stuff got taped without ever getting watched.

Peter Pan

It was interesting to read back through this post from 2018 on things I’d get round to on holidays and see where I’m at now:

  • watch Twin Peaks – still hasn’t happened
  • Install internet mesh – finally did this a couple of weeks ago and it’s running fab
  • fix TV cabling – we did fix it eventually. Then we moved house and set things up differently. The PVR is refusing to play nice but catchup services are better these days. Also, I have new hearing aids and I can indeed use them with the TV and it’s made a big difference – did take a bit of work to balance the sound so that I could hear the TV and chat to the fam
  • enjoy life – so far so good
  • visit Bankstown Library – this happened and it was lovely and I got to see old friends and colleagues once more
  • web archiving tools – conference in NZ in 2018 was fab. Haven’t played with tools much lately and I want to play with jupyter notebooks too.
  • watch the last Tomb Raider – managed it eventually and it was ok
  • drive somewhere – this is not happening at the moment for some odd reason :)
  • watch The Avengers – still no
  • sew buttons – almost happened a couple of times but still no
  • listen to my ipod – being doing this more in lockdown
  • do some reading – I seem to be reading daily which is a plus

1 thought on “there is no catchup

  1. Understand about not having time to watch old movies – I have the problem with saving digital copies to Plex. Maybe one day

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