a little of the tireds

Weirdly it feels like it’s been a long, hard week. Yet I only worked four days, Monday being a public holiday. Work wasn’t stressful though there was plenty to do. Spent a chunk of today in a rather exhausting task of chasing down 31 order numbers for a single invoice. Was happy to get them as a single invoice as in years gone by they were many. But still a bit of work, particularly as I would normally check the print file for what was used the year before. This time round, it was a combo of email archive trawling, system lookups, and cross comparisons, trying not to get lost in the sea of open windows.

This year everything is a little different and I’ve been occasionally surprised at where I have been dependent on print resources for a job that is otherwise mostly online. This is one such time however and decided to add a section to my annual budget spreadsheet for order numbers. I use the sheet as a template every year for tracking payments and such, it makes good sense to have the key data in one place. I am remain wary of the cult of spreadsheets where everything ends up in many spreadsheets in many places. However in this instance at least I think it will streamline one of the more manual aspects of my job.

I had hoped to give myself an early mark today and instead worked my longest day of the week. June is a funny month with the end of financial year looming round the corner, ever present in everything I do. It can be fun and tiring and interesting and boring…and occasionally quiet though mostly not.

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