A list of things to write

Some years for #blogjune, I maintain a list of notes and phrases, bits of writing semi formed, reminders, subjects, random ideas passing through my mind. Sometimes I remember to go through the list looking for things to flesh out, or ideas. One of the items is to simply blog about the list itself and in listing, perhaps add a little.

  • A Gentleman in Moscow – a book, perhaps an interesting quote. I have a quote in mind that in turn points to other thoughts
  • My amazon wishlist – I rarely buy from there these days, preferring booktopia and small presses. The wishlist remains a curious sort of bookmarking over time: why this book, why that one?
  • “official” hashtags – and perhaps typos for other conversations
  • Dad’s collection of books by Marx as a visual reminder of times with dad
  • plastic forks as a reminder of Mum
  • collectivitis and when it gets out of hand…too many books, whaddya mean?
  • how many boxes does an author take – notes on moving house
  • post modern earth – worlds like Shannara which are set against a backdrop of the modern earth being the ancient ruins amongst which folk roam. Other examples include The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, books by GR Kesteven (a childhood memory)
  • what I like about special editions: ribbons and leather, fonts and colour, slipcases, solidity. Perhaps even getting custom slipcases made…
  • …segue toward 17th century, or thereabouts, practices around book binding…where the books were sold with the expectation that the owner would have them bound according to their needs.
  • highlight nice books from my collection – seems pertinent in the age of lockdown when I can have but few friends over. To be honest, even in the old days, I tended not to show and tell, as friends are not about possessions.
  • “2 tarts on a couch” a sculpture – this one is challenging, emotive, full of history, and particularly of my dad. It’s an interesting sculpture, with a certain cheekiness that encouraged reaction and response; dad loved watching how people responded to it: being caught between instinct and shock, followed by a sense of “how I should respond” vs “how should I be seen to be responding”. It’s a work that is a little discomforting. It has been a cardboard box for many years and I am not the right person to display it.

4 thoughts on “A list of things to write

  1. Really odd the things that remind us of our parents.
    I did a yoga/art workshop all afternoon today, which had some meditation/visualisation thrown in before we drew another circle of a mandala in pastels.
    One layer involved thinking about the gifts one got from one’s parents, or what they gave to our life. (and being all touchy-feely and keeping everyone safe, it could be interpreted as parental figures or one’s matrilineal or patrilineal line).
    Like your Marx collection and plastic forks, I came up with similarly emblematic and kind of quirky objects for my parents. My dad’s blue eyes, after an experience of standing around his hospital bed with a mob of cousins and aunts all turning the same blue eyes toward me en masse…For my mum, a fairy cake in a patty pan.
    May be a cool question to pose other people… if you had to name something that always reminded you of a parent, or represented them strongly, what would that thing be?

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