a question of title

A week ago, Con sent me a bunch of questions to answer as there was talk at the time of interviewing folk and posting answers with each person interviewing another person. That seems to have segued into Kathryn’s list of questions which folk can nominate dates and questions and so on. I answered all of Con’s questions in an email back to her, noting that one or two may need essays :) Anyways, the plan is now to post them on my blog and I think Con and Kathryn for the inspiration. A curious starting point for other conversations.

I commented yesterday that I had had 3 job titles in 10 years and they are:

  • Online & Licensing Librarian
  • Online Resources Specialist Librarian
  • Senior Librarian, Online Resources

Two words remain throughout: “Online” and “Librarian” which works for me rather well. All titles are reasonably accurate and all I deal with is online content: selection, access, and collecting. “Licensing” is a tricky one as I need to read, assess and recommend licensing agreements from suppliers for the content that we have. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV. The only thing I play on TV is computer games. Yet I read and comment on license agreements. NSLA provides guidelines and it is valuable to read older decisions and ensure that licenses enable and support access to things like:

  • document delivery
  • walk-in users
  • remote access

Licenses set out the needs and obligations to ensure all parties are respected.

My most recent job title change is a minor one, the reintroduction of “Senior” and the removal of “Specialist” – the latter is being repurposed for librarians a grade below.

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